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Yakasai Throws Weight Behind Media Regulation



Elder statesman, Tanko Yakasai has thrown his support behind the proposed Media Bill and the regulation of the press.

In an interview with reporters on Monday, Yakasai said there is a need to regulate the media because most people abuse the freedom given to the press.

He said, “You as a journalist will not like the Media Bill, but I, as a citizen of this country like the bill to be passed into law because we as citizens need to be protected. We can not stay without any protection.

“People were abusing the media – they talk about anything they like; they abuse the president, governor. A lot of people abuse freedom of the press in the country, hence the need to regulate the media.

“Anything in life that is not under control will bring trouble to the society and community.  Therefore, there must be control and limit to whatever actions are taken by human beings.

“There are some people who in the attempt to exercise their right will be taking drugs which are harmful to them. This is against their interest and interest of the society, so I like control.

When asked how it will affect good democracy, Alhaji Yakasai said, “Democracy has a limit. Democracy has to be guided though democracy is good. It is the best form of government all over the world but has to be guided from being misused. Therefore, it has to be controlled.”

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