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Nigerian Man In Mufti Oppresses Danfo Driver With AK-47 In Lagos |Video



A video of a man in mufti threatening to shoot a danfo driver has surfaced on social media.

In the video that has become a growing sensation, the man, who’s yet to be identified is seen on a mufti whilst threatening to shoot the Danfo driver for reckless driving.  The Danfo driver was asked to lay flat on the ground face down.

Watch the video below with reactions;

YouTube video

See comments below;

Lagusboy wrote; ‘Give a man MONEY and POWER,that is when you can know his real behaviour. Many that complains about those in authority are actually worse,just that they are not yet chanced to be in that position. Just because this man is holding a gun,he already feels he can do and undo,just imagine if he is vested with the position of CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF.’

MadamVenessa wrote; ‘This is the type of people our darling country should be proud of having as their citizen. I am now calling on our darling daddy to appreciate this guy please, he’s doing exactly what our gallant police officers are known to be doing.’

Ellegacy wrote; ‘Things like this breaks my heart. Cos you’re licensed to carry a gun, you believe you’re better than a civilian. Who made you God?’


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