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‘How Disrespectful’ Mixed reactions As Man Boldly Collects Girl’s Phone Number In Her Father’s Presence



Nigerians on social media have reacted to the viral video which captures the moment a young man boldly walked up to a girl and collected her phone number in the presence of her dad.

In the video shared, the young girl was pictured with her little brother and her dad were walking up the street when a young boy, who’s yet to be identified confidently approached the girl asking for her contact while her father watched in amazement.

After successfully collecting the girl’s number in her father’s presence, the boy danced in celebration as he went to join his friends who praised him for being brave.

See the video below;

YouTube video

See comments below;

@Blueair wrote; ‘Try am with an educated father. That one I’m looking at no graduate. U use uneducated man catch cruise, go try am with the otherwise.’

@Kingpele wrote; ‘Celebration of foolishness and lack of morals,young men stop chasing girls rather pursue your goals in life ,develop your mind through Education and learn a trade or even a skill that will make u valuable before men ,at the right time settle down with some one that will compliment your qualities and raise godly children to the glory and service of God and humanity ,watch out you will be respected through out your life ,no fool will dare come into your presence to woo your daughter..’

@afroniger wrote; How disrespectful. That’s if it’s real and not staged.

@akinremiayomide wrote; ‘Brave boy’

@HenryDion wrote; ‘His mates are collecting Mark Zuckerberg’s number, and he’s collecting a Nigerian girl’s digits and behaving as if he won a lottery!’

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