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APC Poor Leadership Causing Agitation In Nigeria – Kalu



The All Progressives Congress-led government has been accused by a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Emeka Kalu of breeding the socio-economic and security challenges affecting Nigeria.

Kalu in his statement lamented that the political space which should serve as a platform for administering unity, love and speedy development has now been employed for corruption and marginalization.

The PDP chieftain stated this in an interview with Daily Post, in his reaction to the call for a separation in the country.

The former governorship aspirant in Abia State noted that the Federal Government has failed to appoint based on equal and balanced representations from the six geopolitical zones of the country.

He said until Nigerians see Nigeria like ours, “there will be no positive impacts in leadership for the future generations to copy; except the government sincerely follow due process in recommending and appointing officers to occupy various federal offices, boards, commissions and departments.”

“There is nothing wrong with Nigeria as a country; she is blessed with profit-yielding economic and natural resources with admiring environmental beautifications; Nigeria has talented citizens who are productive, innovative and industrious. Her only problems are lack of purposeful leadership and the ills of ethnic hatred that had deepened against national unity and even development.

“This effrontery begets marginalization of some ethnic nationalities by others who see themselves as sacred for being in power. Political administration as a channel through which leadership is brought to the doorsteps of the people has become a stroke of punishment and ethnic unhealthy rivalry. Until we understand and take the overall interest of unconditional love for Nigeria as one bunch of unbreakable, indivisible and united entities, we will continue to experience the ills of crisis, insecurity and agitations from groups or sets of people who feel marginalized and maltreated by the government of the day.

“Until we drop undue sentiment of ethnicity and see ‘Nigeria’ as collectively ours, there will be no positive impacts in leadership for the future generations to copy. Nigeria will still be nursing the feeling of backwardness.”

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