TNG Analysis: Issues that may top lawmakers agenda as NASS reconvenes today
TNG Analysis: Issues that may top lawmakers agenda as NASS reconvenes today

By Emman Ovuakporie

After a two-week recess the National Assembly will reconvene today and issues bordering on national security, a review of the lockdown so far, rampant cases of rape and other national issues may top the agenda of the apex legislative chambers.

Before going for the recess both chambers had invited security chiefs to explain why the state of insecurity in the northern part of the country had remained unabated.

As usual, the sessions were held in closed door meetings making it difficult for Nigerians to know the outcome of their deliberations with the security chiefs.

While on recess, the situation has remained almost the same as they left it as the killings, banditry, kidnappings still remained largely unchecked by security operatives in the country.

The issue of security may top their agenda as kidnapping, banditry does not differentiate between the rich and the poor.

A review on  the easing of the lockdown by the Federal Government and the state of compliance maybe looked into by both legislative Chambers.

The records so far from National Centre for Disease Control, NCDC clearly indicate that the spike has assumed an alarming shape of over 20,000 cases.

This definitely calls for urgent attention as the Federal Government opens schools for final year students and the relaxation of inter-state movements.

Despite the lockdown on inter-state movement kidnappers still reign supreme on our highways particularly the Lokoja-Abuja axis.

The Federal Capital Territory, FCT too still remains a den of kidnappers who operate almost every other day in satellite towns of the seat of government.

There seems to be no succour in sight despite the huge sums of money allocated to security annually.

The new craze in Nigeria is the escalation of rape cases across the country which has led to the death of young girls and adults.

Within a period of five months more than 799 cases were recorded by the police between January  and May, 2020.

This ugly trend is alarming as the rapists even commit these ungodly acts in worship centres across the entire country.

Both chambers need to urgently re-visit this issue before it totally gets out of control.

On a daily basis cases of rape victims are reported and the nauseating thing is that some of the victims are murdered in the process.

The call by the Niger Delta leader and former Federal Commissioner of Information, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark that the leadership of NASS should deeply probe into allegations against some Committee chairmen of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC over involvement of bribery should not be swept under the carpet

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