Revealed: Meet Nigeria’s stylish comedians

If you ever thought that being a comedian or an entertainer will ruin your fashion sense then you just might be mistaken. Gone are the days when being fashionable is regarded as out of sync with being funny.

As much as possible most of these entertainers make it known that comedians are not merely jesters, but businessmen who must project a glamorous image in order to be visually appealing to their audience.



  1. Julius Agwu

Whenever you see the multi-talented Julius Agwu , you wouldn’t need to be told that he is one man who doesn’t joke with his appearance. Obviously as a result of his work as an events emcee and comedian, Agwu is mostly seen in suits and it is obvious that they don’t come low-priced. His  shoes, shirts and suave looks are indicators of a man who has mastered the art of looking good.

Fondly called Julius D’Genius, the comedian who also doubles as a singer is a definition of a style icon.



  1. Bright Okpocha a.k.a Baskemouth


Award winning comedian, Bright Okpocha a.k.a Basketmouth is one entertainer who has been able to convert his love for entertainment into a business. Fans laud him for his creativity and brilliance whenever he posts his comedy skits on social media.

On the softer side, Okpocha is one comic who places emphasis on looking good. As he goes from one comedy show to the other, Basket, as he is fondly called, makes sure that he never looks scruffy.




3.Ayo Makun a.k.a AY

Ayo Makun a.k.a AY is a man of many parts. From starting out as a comedian, AY has metamorphosed into a filmmaker with flicks like ‘Merry Men’ ’30 days in Atlanta’ and others.

Colleagues of the innovative comedian call him ‘Packaging minister’ because of his unrivaled fashion sense .Makun does pay close attention to his personal grooming and he always looks easy on the eyes.AY is that comedian that you can hardly catch ‘unfresh’.



4.Gbenga Adeyinka

Gbenga Adeyinka is another stylish entertainer who should be on this list. The host of ‘Laffmatazz’ also believes in looking good and he doesn’t make any pretense about it. The 52 year old comedian who hails from Ogun State refers to himself as CFR (Comedian of the Federal Republic) and now GCON (Grand Comedian of Nigeria). Adeyinka experiments a lot when it comes to fashion. He also speaks a lot of Nigerian languages.


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