[Video] ‘It is no longer Coronavirus, it is now anti-Church virus’ – Bishop Oyedepo
COVID-19: If Trump can declare places of churches open in US, Nigerian govt have no choice - Oyedepo

The General overseer of Living Faith Church also known as Winners’ Chapel International, Bishop Oyedepo has described the coronavirus pandemic as an anti-church virus.

The 65-year-old made this known while he was preaching and lamenting bitterly about why the government has refused to allow churches to function.

According to Oyedepo as he is fondly called, Coronavirus is a strategy of the devil and his human agents to stop the growth of the church all over the world. In his words:
”Coronavirus is nothing but anti-church virus. Now, freedom of worship is no longer a constitutional right.

“It is now determined by certain individuals. This is no longer coronavirus, at least in two states- Lagos and Ogun, this is an anti-church virus. Caution must be exercised. Can anybody silence the church? Never. I have never heard of anybody that got healed in the market but God heals people in the church day and night. We have recorded 114 coronavirus healing testimonies, we got 10 this week. And that is the place that is vulnerable and not the market.

“This is anti-church virus we are fighting. It is the grand design of the devil globally to see how he can silence the church. Everybody is in the market running over one another every day of the week and there is no outbreak from the market but there is an outbreak from the church, perceived outbreak.”

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