Afro pop singer, Rema goes on date with female fan

‘Bad commando’ singer, Rema  has honoured his promise to take one of his female fans on a date.


A few days ago, the 20-year-old took to his Twitter page to call on his female fans to share a picture of themselves for a hangout, shortly after the release of his romance-oriented single ‘Ginger Me‘.


On Wednesday, Rema shared a clip of a sexily dressed lady showing off her waist-dance moves in bum shorts, in a tweet he had captioned, “Let me close my eyes, I have a date tomorrow (Friday).”

Rema would later tweet another clip of himself alongside a lady identified as Nimie on a cruise, where he held and kissed her while standing closely behind.

TheNewsGuru recalls that Rema had in an interview admitted to wanting a relationship while speaking of how he has been coping with the rigours of making it to the limelight at a tender age .

“I really want to be in a relationship but still looking for the right one. I want to enjoy the peace because it’s really noisy: cameras flashing lights, meetings, studio sections,” the singer had said.


“This whole music stuff is beyond ordinary for me that’s why things are happening differently for me and I am very spiritual from my angle and I don’t do my things the same way as everybody.


“Home is actually my peace. I find peace either in church or at home. My own personal space, but yeah! It will be nice to find someone I can share it with, but then, I have not found the right one.”


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