Alibaba  condemns false rape accusation

Revered comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpo­boriome, aka Alibaba, has aired his opinion on the downsides of false  rape accusation


In an Instagram post, Alibaba said that one of the hazards of false accusations is that it becomes harder for people to believe true cases.


He stated that it also terminates the life of the person falsely accused.


He wrote; “Your lies about being raped, also then gives some men the belief that it will be your word against theirs.


“It is one more reason many people, who are vic­tims, are afraid to speak out. In all, rape is unpardonable. It’s a crime. It should not even be thought of. Think about it, what if she passed on and had no chance to say I lied?


“But if it’s not true, don’t put a fellow man through it. Using the story of Joseph in Egypt, who suffered in the hands of Potiphar’s wife, you can imagine the loss Egypt would have suffered if Jo­seph was killed in prison. The butler would not have had freedom and the pyr­amids may not have been built.”



Alibaba  made this known while responding to a skit  posted by popular Insta­gram comedian, Mr Macaroni.


In the clip, a lady falsely accused her former lover of raping her. She later admits that it was a way to get back at him. Sadly, it was too late as the troubled young man had already committed suicide.


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Sometimes when I tell people of the consequences of the things we say when we are angry, they think I am just blabbing. When you're upset with someone you love, hold back your anger. _ Because those things you say in anger to get even, or to teach your lover a lesson, after you have calmed down and someone or friends try to resolve the matter, those things then become the stumbling block, that stops the relationship from picking up from where it stopped. _ One lady, was angry because her husband quarrelled with her and it became very bitter. She accused her husband of dating his MD's wife. Hubby was sacked and MD divorced his wife. _ 2 years on, husband's besto married the ex-wife of MD. Our dear sacked hubby was groomsman. So it was not the guy who was dating the MD's wife. _ From nowhere, over sabi people now started trying to resolve the matter. All our man just needed to do was read all wifey's texts in his BlackBerry Bold, and said No. _ One of the pastors, said he should forget about everything and move on. He asked for only one favour. Pastor agreed. He gave pastor his BB phone. _ Pastor's eyes popped. _ "You're a good for nothing excuse of a man!" _ Pastor: "Haaaaa" _ "You think if I was not pregnant I would have unmarried you?" _ Pastor: "Otioooo" _ "You think you are the only one that likes to sleep around? Do you know why I don't bother you anymore? There are younger men, better than you!" _ Pastor: "What????!" _ "I regret the day I set my eyes on you." _ Pastor: "You don't mean it!" _ "Its your mother, Mrs Akinsoji, that is uneducated" _ Pastor: "Did she write these?" _ "If I ever set foot in your house again call me a prostitute." _ Pastor: "What's is wrong with her?" _ "You are a bastard. And all members of your family!" _ Pastor:Did your wife call you that? "Nooooo naaaa.A woman can not say this to a husband naaa". _ "Its not like you are good in bed. I have managed in the last 4 years. Why do you think I bought a dildo? You are gallavanting about and calling yourself a man and you can not last 4 minutes" _ Pastor: "I am sorry about all these. I will see Provincial Pastor and we will call her and advise her. Brother you are a strong man"

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