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Cloudways Hosting: Why You Should Consider Moving Your Website To Cloudways

When it comes to setting up a website, the hosting provider you choose to use plays a vital role in the performance of your website.


While there are many shared and managed hosting plans you could get for your website, cloud hosting is practically the best option to go with, especially, if you’re launching a big website that’s expected to pull a lot of traffic (about hundreds of thousands) monthly.


Cloudways is one of the leading cloud-hosting providers globally. The company itself is not a web hosting company; it simply provides its users with a platform to access a number of cloud hosting services. That said, Cloudways provides cloud hosting services from Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, Google Cloud Platform, and Vultr.


Here’s a comprehensive review of Cloudways, and why you should consider deploying your new web app to the cloud or moving your existing website/app to the cloud.

Cloudways Overview



Simply, Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider; however, the servers you’d host your app or website don’t belong to Cloudways. The servers belong to the exact cloud hosting service you decide to use.


As mentioned earlier, Cloudways provides cloud hosting from notable companies, which include Google, Amazon, Linode, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. Cloudways billing is monthly, and the platform provides you with a single interface to manage all your cloud apps and websites hosted in different cloud hosts.


Particularly, Cloudways is practically the best place to host your WordPress website or any web application at all. It takes away all the hassles of server management and provides you with handy tools to scale your deployment in real-time.


Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial when you sign up. Within the 3 days, you can explore all the features of the platform, as well as compare its server’s speed with your previous hosting. Setting up a website with Cloudways is very easy and straightforward!


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Features of Cloudways Managed Hosting


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There are pretty many reasons why you’d love hosting with Cloudways. First off, the company’s pricing is cool and interesting – you pay as you use.

1. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Cloudways lets you pay monthly, and based on the services you use with your hosting plan. The actual price you’d pay monthly depends on the cloud hosting provider you choose and the exact cloud hosting plan you selected. The least pricing starts at $10/month (offered by Digital Ocean in its Standard Tier).

2. Choose from Five (5) World-Leading Cloud Hosting Providers

With Cloudways, you can choose from the top best cloud hosting providers in the world; this includes Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr. Each of these cloud hosting services offers high-speed servers to boost the performance of your website or application.

3. Free Site Migration

Now, this is a reason to love Cloudways; they offer free website migration. So, if your website is previously hosted somewhere else, you can request a Cloudways support expert to help migrate your blog hassles.

However, the free migration is just valid one time. Once you request a free migration, other subsequent migrations would cost you $25. Notwithstanding, moving a WordPress website to Cloudways is dead easy using the free Cloudways migrator plugin for WP.

4. Supports Multiple PHP Versions

All servers offered by Cloudways partners are PHP7.0 ready. However, you can still choose a custom PHP version for your application. Cloudways allows you to customize your server to a reasonable extent.

5. Advanced Caching Algorithm and Features

Cloudways offers an advanced caching solution with the Breeze cache plugin, as well as provides Varnish caching on the server-end.

6. SSD-Based Servers for Faster Speeds

Interestingly, Cloudways servers are SSD-based, which guarantees faster speeds for your deployed applications and websites.


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7. Vertical Scaling

The Vertical Scaling option allows you to scale your Cloudways server when your website or application starts getting more users and visitors. However, once you scale a server, you can’t downgrade it anymore; if you need to downgrade, you’d have to launch another server on your account.

8. Too Many Customizable Settings

There are pretty many flexible settings to configure when you host with CLoudways partners. From adjusting a few server settings to customizing the settings for your application. Cloudways also supports one-click staging for testing purposes; you can also clone servers and perform a lot of actions.

9. Host Unlimited Application on a Single Server

With Cloudways, you can host all your websites and application on a single cloud server; you won’t need to create different servers for different applications; if your server is too small, you can upscale it to accommodate all your deployment. There is no limit to the number of web apps you can have on a single Cloudways server.

10. Responsive Customer Support

Another thing to love about Cloudways is their fast customer support response. If you message the support team, it takes just a few minutes for them to respond – especially when you use the “Live Chat” option on their website. The custom support team always tries their best to solve your complaints – a big thumbs up to them.


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Cloudways Review

What if we tell you that we’re using Cloudways hosting, and the experience so far has been great?! Yes, Cloudways is the best hosting service we’ve used so far since the launch of our website. With Cloudways, we’ve never experienced a downtime – our website never went offline.

The pay-as-you-go pricing method is awesome; you can add more extensions to your account and remove them anytime you feel like you don’t need them anymore. However, one thing you may not like about Cloudways is that it doesn’t have a C-Panel or File Manager; if you need either of these, you’d pay separately for them.


Summarily, we highly recommend Cloudways hosting because it is swift, intuitive, and dependable. Choose between Vultr and Digital Ocean, they are the best cloud hosting service providers on Cloudways. Notwithstanding, other Cloudways partners offer good plans and feature too. If you need more information about Cloudways hosting, feel free to comment below and we’d assist.

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