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Snake Invasion : Three Preventive Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Toilet

Snake Invasion : Three Preventive Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Toilet

Over the past few days there have been increasing cases of snake invasions in different parts of the country.

With two recorded cases of snake death, one been that of a Nigerian Air Force woman, Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah, who died after she was reportedly bitten by a snake in her restroom and another, a middle-aged woman who was bitten to death in her house in Obudu local government area of Cross River state. 

More Nigerians via social media have continued to share their recent experience with snakes invading their homes and environment, thus stirring an unsettling feeling in everyone while they are in their home. 


Truth is, snakes inside the toilet or our environment should not be overlooked and there are preventive ways to take in ensuring that these snakes stay far from our sewage and environment. 

In this article, we would be looking at a few preventive measures to take so as to keep the snakes away from your water closet. 

Application of household items 

Household items such as caustic soda, engine oil and Kerosene mix water works perfectly in chasing away snakes from the home. To use, please ensure you pour it inside the toilet or around the drainage area or entrance of the house.

Keep Your Environment Clean

Snakes naturally like to spend time laying in a warm sunny place to regulate their body temperature. Cleaning up our environment by removing these habitable places from your property helps drive snakes away from your surroundings. 

Also, ensure you trim the grass and cut the back branches of trees around your house. Also, use chemical repellent around your border, it keeps the snakes out.

Remove food sources 

Food sources is the easiest way to get snakes into your home. However, when you regularly clean the house from cluttered areas, by  removing wastes dirty animals like rat, lizard, gecko could be far from entering the house.

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