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Breaking News In Nigeria Today 2021Nigerians React As Relationship Expert Advice Women Not To Get Married Unless...

Nigerians React As Relationship Expert Advice Women Not To Get Married Unless They Have N10m l


A relationship expert has advised women not to get married unless they have N10m in their account with a monthly income of 400k

The man, identified as Solomon Buchi, stated this via his Instagram account.

However, Nigerians have condemned Buchi’s advice saying that it was not feasible.

Below are some reactions culled by Naija News

etek_notions: “You don’t need 10m in your account to marry . Moreover money in the bank is worthless . Rather investment worth 10m is better . Still people can get married without that amount and build gradually”


official.imma: “True talk 😂 but ur sister own reach that amount??”

holy_spireet: “10m? Nah I don’t agree with this. Only if it’s a twist”

smart_thrift: “Lobatan 😂 So make I zero my mind from marriage 😮😢”

skybluewinter: “Is it the woman providing or the man? I don’t remember my father asking my mother how much she had in her bank account before he married her. Secondly, my mother was a student and a teacher when she married my father and she completed her education to become a full time certified lecturer. Finally, my dad didn’t give a damn how much my mother made, he was THE PROVIDER. He worked and provided for his family. My mum basically used her salary to do whatever. Maybe because both my parent are from Anambra. The men don’t usually give care about what the women make. They handle their business and PROVIDEEEEEE for their household🤷🏽‍♀️. IMO men are completely different though. I’m sorry, but no man should check my account for any reason. I’m not lazy but I’m not the provider either. That’s the man’s job. I already have my businesses so don’t worry about what I have saved up. That just how I was raised.”




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