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Reno Omokri Reveals What God Does To Those That Feed People Richer Than Them

Sunday Igboho

Reno Omokri has revealed what God does to people who feed those richer them.

Reno took to his Instagram page to reveal that when you feed those that have more money than you, God would deal with you while those who feed the poor will be blessed.

He also maintained that people should not go broke trying to show their friends how much they love them while also stating that God does not bless those that are nice.


He said: “Nothing wrong in giving money to people. But, don’t go into debt to show people how much you love them. Even worse is going into debt to try to belong to a clique that already knows who belongs and who doesn’t. Use your money to get wealthy, not to get attention!

“When you feed the poor, God feels you. When you feed those that are richer than you, God deals with you. Your wisdom is profitable. To you. Your foolishness is also profitable. But to others. Not you. How can you give someone what your haven’t given your mother?

“God does not reward nice people. He rewards wise people.”

This post is coming after Davido demanded a million each from his friends to show that they truly love him. The singer has gathered over 180 million from his friends and well wishers.

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