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Elon Musk Announces HUGE UPDATE On Floki Inu and Shiba Inu – Price Predictions


Elon Musk Announces HUGE UPDATE On Floki Inu and Shiba Inu – Price Predictions
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Hello, in todays video i will be looking at the new crypto that will kill sheeba inu called floki.

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Now lets get into the news

Elon Musk named his Sheebu Inu dog “Floki.” He tweeted about it on June 25 when he named it and tweeted again on Sept 12 when Floki arrived at his house.
Within minutes Floki Inu crypto shot up 100%.
As a result, the FLOKI crypto now has a market cap of just $1.33 billion and is ranked as 2,713 in terms of market cap by
Now, according to the Financial Times, there is a huge advertising campaign in the UK especially in subways:

“Adverts with the slogan “Missed Dodge? Get Floki” have appeared across Underground stations,
trains and buses in the UK capital in recent weeks to drum up enthusiasm around Floki Inu coin.”

In this case, the craze is simple: if you missed the huge gains in Dodgecoin, which Elon Musk also backed, now you have a second chance with FLOKI crypto.

After all, DodGE crypto now has a market value of $31.1 billion and is ranked as the 11th largest crypto out there, according to Coinmarketcap.
It started out as a meme coin, too. So, who knows? Maybe Floki crypto has a chance as well.

Anyone who is going to put any kind of money into their meme coin has to carefully consider that it is “lost” money. Maybe a more positive way to think about it is to compare it to your own entertainment budget.

For example, I like to play poker, and other games, including craps. I have a set amount of money that I can budget for this kind of entertainment, even though I know the “house” has an advantage (except for blackjack,
in certain circumstances that I can control as a card counter).
But, by and large, the money set aside is for entertainment and essentially “lost” or let’s say “spent” on entertainment.
The same should apply to anyone essentially committing any kind of capital to buy FLOKI crypto coins. Consider the money essentially lost down the drain. You will gain entertainment value by hoping the crypto will essentially skyrocket as Dodgecoin did at one point. But the odds are against this happening.

To be more precise, this is also what is known as a “greater fool” theory coin. The only way you can hope to make money by investing in this crypto is by selling it at some point to a greater fool than yourself.
So, the best way to invest in FLOKI crypto is to essentially budget an amount you are willing to lose. Don’t try and delude yourself with some kind of rationale that the crypto actually will have some fundamental value.

Here is what a number of Floki crypto supporters said in September on Medium, a popular blog site:

“To keep momentum moving, Floki Inu is assaulting the market with very targeted and aggressive marketing campaigns. Floki Inu has already contracted to spend almost $1,500,000 in marketing.”

The ads started in October in London and are also up in the Los Angeles area for the next three months. The whole point is to try and “legitimize” the coin, as the FT editorialized.
That’s not the type of investment security that has a fundamental purpose. It’s more like a sort of Ponzi scheme, at best.

The bottom line is: buyer beware. FLOKI crypto is only for those who have a speculative bent, and are willing to lose the money.
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