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UniCrypt Bot V4 Super Fast Presale Bot #pancakeswap bot #pinksale#Unibot #UnicryptBot

ECOMI (OMI) very last WARNING to OMI holders!

First working Binance Smart Chain Sniper BOT with buy and sell.
This bot is ideal for new listings, be the first to buy and sell exactly when you want .
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Hey everyone!
I created this pancakeswap sniping bot so you can snipe a coin when it launches. The pancakeswap sniper bot is the fastest 0-second sniper for the Binance Smart Chain. The bot scans the mempool for pending transactions. Whenever the bot sees the AddLiqudity event of your token, it will front-run the token, so you will be the first one who is able to get the token. After the bot snipes a token you can sell your tokens for a profit. You basically front-run the other people. This bot can be run on Windows, Linux, macOS, AWS, and other server providers.


The bot will come with a 30-page instruction guide and an instruction video for easy use.

We have made our script fully open source, so you can check every line of code.

Bot features:

Snipes in mempool.
Buy, approve, sell in the same block as liquidity.
DxSale sniper.
Snipes antibot tokens.
Timer before buying.
Honeypot / Ruggpull checker.
Auto Approve tokens.
Simple buy.
Simple approve.
Simple sell.
Easy to use interface
Easy to use settings file

After sniping the bot can do 3 things:

Sell token after a certain amount of time.
Sell token when you want it to sell, bot will display the current token price and % profit every 0.1 sec.

I will also be working on that the bot will detect the contract in the telegram or discord chat. In case of a big launch and the owners won’t release it earlier.

There will also be a pump and dump bot for pancakeswap. I already build this, only need to finish the last details