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CryptocurrencyTreeverse, Metahero Jupiter, Ape Gang | The NFT Alpha #19

Treeverse, Metahero Jupiter, Ape Gang | The NFT Alpha #19


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Hosted by NFT Nick, Pio Vincenzo, & Sophisticated Art Speculator.


In this show we discuss Nick’s complaints about Pixel Vault’s MetaHero roll out, Loopify’s Treeverse project’s success, and Pio & Sophisticated Art Speculator’s conviction in Ape Gang.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:44 – Loopify’s Treeverse Project
00:05:15 – SAS Analyzes Treeverse & NFT Gaming
00:06:17 – SAS needs a new mic
00:07:01 – SAS Analysis of Treeverse’s news event
00:08:56 – SAS on video game development in the NFT space
00:11:16 – The Nifty Alpha is releasing a video game!
00:13:44 – Nick picks a bone with Metahero Universe Planet DAO
00:21:58 – Pio’s stance on Planet DAO & further analysis
00:23:18 – What impact does supply have on an NFT project?
00:24:47 – Final thoughts on Planets DAO
00:29:01 – Rug pulls in the NFT space
00:32:50 – SAS & Pio bought back into Ape Gang
00:38:43 – Galaxy Fight Club
00:44:23 – Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory Founder’s Key NFT
00:49:15 – Adam Bomb Squad
00:56:10 – SAS’s current NFT Strategy
00:57:25 – Pio’s Fat Finger therapy session
01:05:09 – Outro

The Nifty Alpha is an NFT Market discussion that focuses on trading and market dynamics using data analytics and firsthand trading experience.

Please visit http://www.thenifty.com for access to the data tools that are used in this video.
Please visit http://www.NFTCulture.com for NFT media coverage. Please also join the Discord.





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