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Chiwetalu Speaks After Arrest, Reveals The Meaning Of His Outfit To Soldiers

Chiwetalu Speaks After Arrest, Reveals The Meaning Of His Outfit To Soldiers

Veteran Nollywood actor, Chinwetalu Agu has spoken after his arrest by the Nigerian army.

In the video, Agu is seen telling the armed soldiers while sitting on the ground that his attire does not represent Biafra or Eastern Security Network and pointed to the sun symbol emboldened on the cloth saying it was simply a representation of the rising sun.

He also added that he was sharing bread at Upper Iweka when he was taken away and he was not campaigning for Biafra.

The soldiers later asked him to stand up and follow them.


Naija News recalls that on Thursday, Oct 7 Nigerian soldiers apprehended Chinwetalu Agu for wearing a Biafran flag outfit.

The soldiers proceeded to search his vehicle and fired some shots into the air to scare away onlookers.

The Nigerian army released a statement saying that the veteran was not harmed in any way and his rights have not been infringed on. They stated the reason for his arrest was that he was encouraging the public to join Biafra.

Several celebrities have reacted to Agu’s arrest amongst them Walter Anga who said that Agu has spent most of his life putting smiles on people’s faces and does not deserve the treatment given to him. He asked if the same treatment could be meted on Northerners who are often seen wearing camo.

Reno Omokri has also said that Miyetti Allah holds conferences threatening Nigerians and they don’t get arrested, adding that Sheik Gumi has been praising terrorists and bandits yet he has not been arrested but Agu simply wore a Biafran flag attire and got arrested.

The president of the Actor Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas said he was confused at Chiwetalu’s decision to wear the attire especially with the present state of the nation.

He also said that the association was having talks with the army concerning Agu’s release.

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