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‘Suffering And Smiling’ Nigerians Lament Bitterly As Price Of Beans Rises To ₦100K Per Bag

'Suffering And Smiling' Nigerians Lament Bitterly As Price Of Beans Rises To ₦100K Per Bag

Nigerians have taken to social media platforms to lament the excessively soar in prices of food items, such as Beans and other products in the last year under the guise of dollar shortages and naira depreciation.

In a report by Peoples Gazette, market survey showed that the prices of a 50-kg bag of beans at ₦30,000 in early September now costs between ₦50,000 and ₦100,000 in early October.

According to the report, the price of a big bag of beans, the ‘oloyin’ variety, ranges from ₦88,000 to ₦100,000, while ‘plastic rubber’ costs between ₦3,500 and ₦5,500. Another beans variety, ‘drum’, cost between ₦80,000 and ₦95,000, while the ‘plastic rubber’ cost ₦3,000 or ₦3,500. A big bag of white beans cost between ₦50,000 and ₦60,000, while the ‘plastic rubber’ price could be ₦2,500 or ₦3,000.

Apart from beans, the price of a bag of pepper also rose by 100 per cent in August 2021 to ₦40,000 from ₦15,000 last year.

Prices of a 50-kilogramme (kg) bag of garri and rice are also on the rise with each at 16,000 and 30,000 respectively during this period. Groundnut oil cost ₦27,000 for 50kg and ₦5,400 for 5kg.

Reacting to the information, Nigerians via social media lamented bitterly on the afflicted hunger and malnutrition these surging prices of food items would cause for the average man.

Read some of the reactions gathered by Naija News below;

josmarketgirl wrote; “The hike in price is as a result of scarcity of new beans which will be be out by December/January…what we have now is old beans.”

nebe_stella wrote; ‘And there’s still Increase in government spending’

berbie_mirabel wrote; ‘Omo I go market yesterday go buy foods stuff for house,the prizes added ennnnn,were times 3,Kai,I ended up not buying everything on the list cuz of the prizes of each item,smh’

ut_mimigal wrote; ‘Na this won we supposed go do protest oh, but some Pere fans dey go big brother wey no be government property go dey do protest’

amluchiano wrote; Beans way we dey do shakara for before table don turn😭😭

dazzlnbeau wrote; ‘We are suffering and smiling in this country’

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