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12, 14 Year Old Boys Kidnap 3 Year Old, Demand Ransom

12, 14 Year Old Boys Kidnap 3 Year Old, Demand Ransom

The Nigerian Police Force has arrested two young boys aged 12 and 14 for kidnapping a 3-year-old in Potiskum, Yobe State.

The state Public Relations Officer of the command said in a statement on Tuesday, October 5 that the assailants kidnapped the victim and only released him after collecting a sum of N50,000.

He also revealed that the Assailants were 14 and 12 of age while the third suspect was on the run. He added that efforts were been made to apprehend the third assailant.

He said: “The victim, aged three, was kidnapped and later released by his assailants after they collected N50,000 ransom.

“The police apprehended two principal suspects. The first one is 14-years-old while the second suspect is aged 12. The third suspect is on the run.”

According to a report by SBM Intelligence, a group that is dedicated to gathering and analyzing data in Nigeria and West Africa, a total of about 2,371 persons were kidnapped in the first half of the year with an average of 13 people kidnapped daily.

The report also stated that as of June 30 a total of 10bn has been demanded as ransom by kidnappers.

The data used for the collation by the organization was gotten from media reports and the national security tracker of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Source: Naija News

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