Sunday Igboho Accused Of Terror Over Forceful Collection Of 500k Omo Onile Money

Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho has been accused of terror over an alleged forceful collection of 500k Omo Onile Money.


According to an exclusive report by AllNews, the popular Yoruba Activist has been fingered as the man behind a squad, made up of thugs who intimidate landowners of Soka Area of Ibadan, Oyo State, South-West Nigeria.


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Before now, Igboho has been accused of land grabbing, using armed thugs against original owners of such lands. But he has also in the past defended himself against the allegations on several occasions, saying he only fights on land matters “when he is invited to do so”.


Rightly so, in February 2020, Igboho led hundreds of youths to resist land grabbers who attempted to have forceful possession of a large expanse of land belonging to about 50,000 residents.

“What is it that the masses have done wrong? Is it because they don’t have money? Don’t ever come to this community again. This is the sixth time you would disturb these innocent people. A countless number of masses have died as a result of the actions of the hoodlums.


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“Enough is enough if you don’t want to cause crisis”, Igboho had said according to Vanguard.


Igboho claimed that his known job is ‘’buying and selling of cars’’. Yet, another allegation against Igboho – relatedly – has popped up.


A source who doesn’t want to be named due to fear of being violently harassed by Igboho’s boys told AllNews on Sunday that “Igboho, who is fighting for Oduduwa nation for we Yorubas is terrorising people of Soka/Olohunshogo axis, collecting ‘owo omo onile’ (a controversial fee collected by so-called children of the original owner of lands), as much as N500, 000 from anyone who wants to build a house.


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“A thug from a town as small as Ajorosun LCDA collecting owo ọmọ onile in the ancient city of Ibadan Balógun Ogunmola, Oderinlo and Latoosa will be mad in their grave.


“Is it not ironical that someone who wants to liberate us from Fulani people terrorising us is an inside terrorist as well?”


Our source continued: “Sometimes, these ruffians will come to any house under construction, and even write ‘This house belong to Chief Sunday Igboho’, for failure to give them money.


“Igboho cannot feign ignorance. He cannot deny links with these boys raking people off their sweat; their hard-earned money, because these guys blatantly name Igboho has their master.

“But sadly, no one is talking about this.”


Another source said: “He has been doing that for as long as I can recollect. They’ll erect perimeter fence and before the following day, his boys would have demolished everything.”


One added: “I’m not sure they will write that if you don’t pay [This house belong to Chief Sunday Igboho], but they claim possession of lands not theirs.


“They won’t allow you to do anything on your purchased land. People shiver at their sight.”


Another person corroborated others’ accusations: “They do that well in Soka. My mum decided to change our entire roof from iron sheet to Gerard two years ago, they collected 50k with plenty of begging.

“His (Sunday Igboho) boys came, but I doubt if he’s not aware. Ordinary foundation they will ask for money.”



A further source stated: “What occupation do you think he was doing to acquire such huge wealth? He be ‘ajagun gba ile’ (land grabber) from way back of course.”


Igboho, a self-acclaimed Yoruba warrior owns a house at Soka. The residence survived an inferno in January.


About two months ago, he emerged as a popular trend on the internet, following his eviction notice to criminal Fulani pastoralists in Ibarapa region of Oyo State.

Igboho later stormed Igangan, in Ibarapa North local government area of Oyo State to further stiffen his stance that Fulanis in the region should leave.


He has since transmogrified into a secessionist, agitating for the sovereignty of South-Western Nigeria.


When AllNews reached out to Koiki Media, the agency that handles the Yoruba freedom fighter’s press-related matters, it simply replied: “When and where is this taking place?”


As of the time of publishing this report, Koiki Media did not provide further information despite the news platform responding to its “when and where” question.


‘Omo Onile’ land-related crisis is being witnessed in major parts of Nigeria.

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