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Seyi Makinde Speaks On Resigning As Oyo State Governor



Seyi Makinde

Seyi Makinde Has Spoken On Resigning As Oyo State Governor, If….


NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde said that he would leave the office if Oyo people make the demand.


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Speaking on Wednesday, Makinde revealed that he was not bothered about the title, adding that it was the reason he vowed to make decisions in the best interest of the state and Yorubaland.

The governor made the comment at the Pan Yoruba Congress held at Mapo Hall, Ibadan.

Noting that the administration had a duty to ensure lives and property are secured, Makinde stated that the state will incorporate the non-state actors into the new security architecture.


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“By virtue of my office, I can see some certain things that you cannot easily see and I stand on my honour to say that I will take decisions in the best interest of my people”, he said.

“What do they want to do to Seyi Makinde? As I stand before you, if I am being asked to leave the seat as the governor, I do not have a pin to go and pick in my office in the Secretariat. I go there with my bag and go back to my house with my bag.”


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Makinde disclosed that at the last security meeting, he created a War Room “because the issue of security is beyond rhetoric”. The governor also set up a Task Force on Security, which he chairs.

He said soon, local security personnel who are not in Amotekun, could be OPC or Soludero or State Vigilante as part of the voluntary policing policy.

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