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Rev. Uma Ukpai Releases New Prophecies (Full List)



Rev. Uma Ukpai Releases New Prophecies (Full List)

Uma Ukpai Releases New Prophecies.NewsOnline Nigeria reports that the President of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, Rev. Uma Ukpai, in his weekly Partners Declaration, made the following declarations for this Week.
* This week, my sacrifice to God and this commission shall be a sweet-smelling fragrance and it shall command uncommon favor to locate me. Amen!

* I decree, I will be called an Oak of Righteousness, a committed partner for Kingdom Advancement, displaying the splendor and light of the Lord. Amen!

Rev. Uma Ukpai Releases New Prophecies (Full List)

* My mockers shall join my Hosanna singers to come around to favour me and to attest of the goodness of God. Amen!

* Anybody may have looked at you and said that you will be a nobody, but by my Prophetic Pronouncements today, you will be a Great Royalty. Amen!

* You cannot be connected to this commission and be stagnated in life.

* You shall be lifted. God will settle you today. In JESUS mighty name!

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

God bless and have a Glorious Week.

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