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Man slips something into another man’s drink during party (Video)



A video of a man slipping something into another man’s drink as they partied together has gone viral, with many showing concerns.

Man slips something into another man’s drink during party (Video)

Many have suggested it is a case of drink spiking, as some feared that the man might have been robbed after the incident.

Most of the time, drinks are spiked with alcohol. Either the drink is stronger than you think, or someone has added extra alcohol. Despite recent media reports, drink spiking with drugs like GHB and Rohypnol® is very rare.

46 percent of women reported having drinks or food spiked at a house party.

In the video sighted by LailasNews, it appears the ”victim” was partying with a group of people when one of them tactically slipped something into his drink.

It appeared that something was sprayed in the man’s eyes to distract him from noticing his drink being laced.

Watch the shocking video below;

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