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Friend writes emotional tribute to David, man who died due to Police negligence



A friend of Nigerian tech expert, David who died due to Police negligence after he was shot by armed robbers, has written an emotional tribute to him.

Friend writes emotional tribute to David, man who died due to Police negligence
Friend writes emotional tribute to David, man who died due to Police negligence

The man identified as Titosho who has been a friend to the late David since their days in school wrote on how he was able to become his best because of David’s influence on his life.

Here’s a tribute to my Best Friend.

I’m hurt, but I choose to celebrate your life.
I’m happy that you lived your life to the fullest, that you made effort to enjoy every moment of it
I’m happy that you were a part of many of the best moments and good memories in my life.
You taught and inspired me to be a better version of myself. You were a blessing to everyone around you.
We spent 5 years together in the University. Good times, tough times we went through it all. We did it all together –

Late night reading, early morning workout, random photoshoot sessions, planning and organizing events to summarize. You taught me to design, dance, sing, cook, be frugal and remember things. My personal photographer, hype-man, wingman, chef, fitness trainer & financial backer

Anytime I got distracted, you had one word for me “FOCUS” and that was my cue to get my shit together. I’m really going to miss you bro. I’m going to miss your dry jokes, character impressions, catchy pick-up lines, goofy videos, dance moves and even our arguments.
You were the most creative and reliable person in my life. I’m happy

There were times I tried to discourage you from taking up some responsibilities, because I felt you were handling too many things. I’m happy you didn’t let me stop you from giving your time and energy to others
You loved God and loved others as much as you loved yourself.

Your mother took me in like I was her son. We were all her children. I remember the countless hours we spent preparing for exams in her office. There was so much love in and around you. I am happy.

Coming out of school, we job-hunted together. You were always on the lookout for opportunities for me. You walked into rooms and said good things about me. You had a role to play in all freelance jobs I secured.

I love you brother and I will forever remember you. There’s so much more that I could say, I could go on and on. It only hurts that there was no one to help you, when you needed us. It hurts that I could not be there for you. It hurts that there are people who refused you help. Image

I know that surely you’re in a better place. One more angel through heaven’s gates. Your legacy will continue to live in our hearts. RIP David, Rest well. Till we meet again 🕊️

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