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What Is Love? by Apostle Joshua Selman Part 1 and 2 [Free MP3 Download]




What Is Love? by Apostle Joshua Selman Part 1 and 2 [Free MP3 Download] 1

The human’s negligence of God’s word, His laws and His precepts is because man has introduced another personality, another relationship in place of God. So when Adam hid himself from God as a result of being cut off from His presence and fellowship, the basis and source of his resources was also cut off. Hence, everything in life- your finances, resources etc reproduces on the basis of relationships.

We know from life and biology that feelings can be products of chemical reactions, hormones and all kind of physiological activities that happen to human beings. Therefore, this points us to a fact that love that is based on feelings cannot and should not be trusted. When your love-life is built upon emotion and feelings, you will never be able to su…. This teaching will open your inner eyes and give you a better understanding of what love really is. Download and listen to it right now!

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