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apostle joshua selman
I want you to write that Christmas is all about Jesus (all, not some). When you substitute Jesus with any other thing (Father Christmas or whatever), those things are wonderful but Christmas is all about Jesus.

I love publicity that says; “Jesus is the reason for the season”,, I believe that with all my heart, because right now, in the western world, they are trying to remove the concept of Jesus out of Christmas.

I hope you know that,, so they just say; “seasons greetings”. Please don’t send any card with “seasons greetings” but merry Christmas and a prosperous New year,, they are not the same. You can’t say “seasons greetings”, seasons greetings for who?,, There are many seasons, but there is a…

Do you want to understand what Christmas is, and whether it is worthy of celebration or not?

Download and listen to this powerful teaching.

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apostle joshua selman messages

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