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[Download] RAISED UP FOR A DIVINE PURPOSE by Bro Gbile Akanni




[Download] RAISED UP FOR A DIVINE PURPOSE by Bro Gbile Akanni 1

Why did God catch you young and what does he want to do with your life since you were not accidentally or mistakenly born? You are likely to abuse the purpose for which you are born if you lack understanding of it. The purpose is not by chance but by is not stumbled at. The ass which Jesus rode on had been mentioned in the old testament ever before His birth. In Jeremiah 1 verse 4-10, prophet Jeremiah was assured by God of fulfilling his purpose.

Even though he never knew of such plans before then, he still considered his state of helplessness until God assured him over and over again that He was going to assist him fulfil his purpose.
In Heb 11:1-end, which is the book of faith, several people called by God had a very humble beginning which God picked up in their early age. There is a purpose why God is calling you at this your age which must not be wasted.

In Heb 11:23-27, Moses was born at a time when his mates were being killed. He was said to be a ‘proper child’ because he was seen as a child to fulfil God’s purpose of bringing deliverance to the Israelites which made them take a risk to keep him. On growing up and realising he did not belong to Egypt, he started asking questions and got to know the pr… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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