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Sex for grades: Kiki Mordi addresses claims that she cheated colleagues



Nigerian investigative journalist, Kiki Mordi has addressed claims by colleague, Ruona J. Meyer, that she has been cheating her colleagues who they worked together on documentary, Sex For Grades.

Sex for Grades was published by the BBC Africa Eye in the year 2019, and Kiki Mordi has since gotten numerous awards and recognitions for it.

Sex for grades: Kiki Mordi addresses claims that she cheated colleagues

In a series of social media posts, Ruona J. Meyer alleged that O.O actually pitched the story, yet Kiki has failed to share whatever money she got as a return with her.

See her claims below;

Kiki, make sure this time you at least share whatever prize money there is with O.O and acknowledge her – given this was all her story as pitched, sourced/started. Real journalists have honour and also hold themselves to account, not just the government.

O.O a fellow female journalist did not get a fair deal, and you remain complicit and a beneficiary of that. The facts, complaints, responses and even her thread are there. Better make it right because journalism can’t insist on ethics & fairness from others, yet cheat within.

For any bright sparks, I was in that newsroom when N.O and O.O pitched that story, so don’t try me today… I suggest you try Jesus instead. He is a better option.

Kiki Mordi has now addressed the claims, as she emphasised that she was the reporter on the Sex For Grades documentary.

See what she wrote below;

Every new day I win an award, Ruona loses it. I will never understand what I did to this woman besides unfollowing her on Twitter

The fact that I’m blocked makes it harder for me to even know what she’s talking about

It’s always some bullshit, are you that bored?

One minute you’re advising me on how to hog clout and not retweet Fisayo Soyombo’s story. Because I figured you were a vile person, you left me and found your next victim . 50 minutes call the first time you ever spoke to me was to tell me who to hate and who not to hate???

There is no side to any story. Investigative journalism is dangerous work. I am the reporter on #SexForGrades Any other questions will have to be directed to the BBC Don’t be roped into Ruona’s joblessness. This isn’t local media where people do what they like

You must really be foolish to think Ruona is your go-to for “inside scoop” when she’s not even “inside”. Ma’am. Please.
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