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[MP3 Download] PRIESTHOOD – Apostle Joshua Selman




[MP3 Download] PRIESTHOOD - Apostle Joshua Selman 1

In the book of John 16 and verse 13, Jesus was stressing the necessity of the ministry of the Holy spirit. It is not just a Pentecostal idea, it is not a denomination idea. It is true that outside the Holy spirit, we are not worth much in ourselves. It is the Holy spirit that makes for our relevance. The Bible says that when the Holy spirit comes, He will not only come to you He will guide you. You must be guided for truth to profit you.

1 Peter 2:9 The Bible has a very unique expression of God’s idea about believers. A believer is called many things in the scripture, Jesus Himself called believer light, He called believers salt. The Bible calls us Ambassadors, the Bible calls us many things but then the Bible also calls us kings and priests. There are some dimensions that once you get to, you can never tr…You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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