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“ You can start a family with a 30k salary” – Man says



“ You can start a family with a 30k salary” – Man says

A man has been dragged on Twitter, after he tweeted that a 30K salary is enough to start up a family, as he uses a family of 8 as an example to buttress his claim.

According to the man, 30k is enough for a family to survive and that all the family needs is prudence.

Using a family of 8 that he claimed to know as an example, the man on Twitter said that the father earns 8k salary, while the mother earns 7k and that their eldest daughter ends 10k making the total salary earned in the family 30k.

He wrote; “You can earn 30k as salary & still start a family. I know this family of 8 where the father is earning 15K, mother earns 7K, the eldest daughter earns 10K & they are all living well. If they can do it, yes you too can! All you need to succeed is prudence!” – Man writes

Meanwhile, social media users have attacked and dragged the man for sharing his opinion. Read some of the responses below.

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