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Pride is our problem in Nigeria – White Nigerian



Mohammed Jammal popularly referred to as White Nigerian has stated that pride can be said to be an issue with the people of Nigeria.

Sharing on Twitter, Jammal revealed that some people who do menial jobs make way more than bankers, but pride is the only thing limiting seemingly educated people from taking to this jobs they consider demeaning.

Pride is our problem in Nigeria – White Nigerian
Pride is our problem in Nigeria – White Nigerian

According to him, people need to stop thinking big and try starting something small.

He wrote: “People are always complaining that things are not working in Nigeria. The woman selling food by my house said she makes 5k profit a day. That’s 150k a month. My mason makes 90k a month at 3k daily. How much is a banker’s salary? Nah pride be our problem.

“This guy I met in Nasarawa State, he waters pigs that are transported to the south of the country. He charges 200 Naira per vehicle. He does about 50 Vehicles a day. His profit is about 7k a day. He can make about N210,000 a month.

“Stop thinking too big!! Start something small and do it well!! Most people on the streets make more money than people on twitter. They don’t wait on no one!!”

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