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Man incurs N7million debts after being jazzed in Lagos (Video)



A Nigerian man in Lagos has taken to Twitter to narrate how he was allegedly jazzed by some strangers who made him incur debts to the tune of N7million.

Man incurs N7million debts after being jazzed in Lagos (Video)
Man incurs N7million debts after he was jazzed in Lagos (Video)

According to the social media user identified as Seun, he was doing his usual road jogging some weeks back when he was accosted by the men who allegedly hypnotized and made him seek for funds from his family and friends.

He wrote on Twitter:

I honestly don’t even know where to start from 7m gone 6m wasn’t my money I was jazzed and controlled for 3 weeks!! And right I need all the help i can to pay my debts back

He further gave a detailed explanation of what transpired between them on a donation site where he is seeking help from Nigerians

He wrote:

About 3 weeks ago I was accosted by a strange person during my early morning jogs.
He said things to me that I first didn’t understand, the next day it happened again with a different person, but from this point on I lost all consciousness and found myself continuously hunting for money, lying to my siblings, friends and loved ones.

I was bringing money to these people to an unknown shrine extremely far from my home. I was jazzed and hypnotized.

I unconsciously incurred a debt of over 7 million naira with extreme fear in my heart.
I am now in police custody, after regaining consciousness at a church my family took me to. But I am now deep in debt and have to pay so I don’t get locked away.

I’m really pleading for any support that you can give me so I can pay off my debt and be free again.
Thank you so much. And I’m sorry for all those I hurt in this ordeal.

So you go just out if you can’t use the go fund me donate button.

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