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ENDSARS Protest Was Targeted Against Northern Interest- Abdullahi Adamu



ENDSARS Protest Was Targeted Against Northern Interest- Abdullahi Adamu


The former governor stated this in an exclusive interview published granted to Daily Trust newspaper.

Adamu, who is a Senator representing Nasarawa West Senatorial District, said the sponsors of the protest wanted to effect a regime change, unconstitutionally.

The senator explained that the meeting convened in Kaduna by Northern Elders, comprising governors, traditional rulers, among others, became necessary because the region noticed some ulterior motives behind the protest.

“We saw some machinations against northern interest in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. One of us is the president today. And you will never see this kind of nonsense when a non-northerner is there. I am sorry and regret to say this, but that is the reality and the truth.”

Adamu said, although the government did well in handling the ENDSARS protest, it should not have been hasty in disbanding SARS as according to him, that decision has affected the morale of the Police officers.

“Government handled this situation very well. But the issue of police was a bit hasty because it has affected the morale of the police. See what happened in America, the demonstration about ‘Black Lives Matter;’ see what they did.  Despite the pressure about police brutality, the president of the number one democracy in the world came openly and said he would not do anything against the police.”

While reacting to calls for restructuring, the lawmaker said people clamouring for restructuring should come out and explain to Nigerians what they mean by that.

“Let them come out and tell us what they mean by restructuring; what they want to restructure. They should restructure their minds; that is the point they need to start the restructuring from.”

Speaking on 2023 presidential elections, Adamu said the country is practising democracy and as such democracy should be allowed to produce the next President.

“It is not for me to say that; we are in a democracy. Let democracy produce the president on merit,” Adamu stated.