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[Download] WHAT GOD OFFERS HIS DISCIPLES – Bro Gbile Akanni



[Download] WHAT GOD OFFERS HIS DISCIPLES - Bro Gbile Akanni 1

One thing affecting us as believers is to feel that that the pleasure of spirituality is in the amount of countable things, materials we receive from God. Discipleship is not measured by materials or properties that can be bestowed on man but a process by which Jesus can become unto a man’s life. However, if a man is able to endure will amount into great prosperity. Abraham is a case study for us all. He left all to follow Jesus though it looked very foolish to him as at the time he received God’s order.

He never asked God question. It was when he got to the land which God ordered him to go to that he knew he was in for it. He met the land occupied! He built an altar there and began to worship God. If it is in our contemporary times, he would have looked back and left. He got to the land of Canaan at the age of 75 but delivered Isaac at 100 years meaning he waited upon God for 25 years. He lived for 62 years in Canaan, following and obeying God.

He had not gotten even a ‘plot of land’ to bury his wife and this made him weep though he was very rich. He remained a sojourner because he was looking forward to a heavenly place despite the fact that he had opportunity to purchase lands in Hebrews 11verse 8-10. The question now is that can this gr… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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[Download] WHAT GOD OFFERS HIS DISCIPLES - Bro Gbile Akanni 2

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