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Opinion: How Biden and Trump will spend election day



Opinion: How Biden and Trump will spend election day

For the candidates and their supporters, polling day is invariably a nail-biting affair. When the polls close, the waiting begins.

President Trump will spend today at the White House, giving interviews and doubtless watching coverage of events on cable TV (as we all know he likes to do).

A phone interview with one among Trump’s favorite TV news shows, Fox & Friends, is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

A low-key polling day may provide a welcome respite from the campaign trail for the president, who held 14 rallies within the last three days.

But proceedings could enliven again on Tuesday night when Trump will host a campaign party at the White House.

There, Trump will little question be glued to the results with Vice-President Pence, his family, and his campaign team.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, will spend most of the election day trying to woo any undecided voters in Pennsylvania, a key swing state. The former vice-president will hold voter mobilization events in his childhood hometown of Scranton, and in Philadelphia.

Then he’ll head to his current home state of Delaware to watch and wait.

Later on Tuesday, Biden is expected to deliver remarks from Wilmington, Delaware. On stage, he will be joined by his wife Jill Biden, as well as running-mate Kamala Harris and her spouse Douglas Emhoff.

The type of speech Biden makes will, of course, depend on which way the tally is going. It’s in the hands of American voters right now…