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Pastor Sam Adeyemi Tells Youths What To Do FG Over #EndSARS Protests Demands



Pastor Sam Adeyemi, #EndSARS Protests Demands

Pastor Sam Adeyemi has told Youths What To Do FG Over #EndSARS Protests Demands.


NewsOnline Nigeria reports that Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has sent a message to Nigerian youths, urging them to continue to insist on federal government’s implementation of the 5for5 demands.

Recall that Nigerian youths had presented the five demands to the Federal Government during the #EndSARS protests.

However, Adeyemi urged the youths to use the opportunity they currently have to push for reforms that would make Nigeria a better place.


The clergyman, in a series of tweets, called on Nigerian youths to carry themselves along in pushing for a better country.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi tweets read: “You need a strong ideology to lay the foundation for a new nation. Nations are built on ideologies. Decide on a few short, medium and long term objectives. Example; short term (#ENDSARS), medium term (influence political process), long term (make Nigeria a developed economy).

Carry as many people as possible along by communicating your vision for building a developed economy. This is real work. Morph the protest into town hall meetings. Be innovative with your messaging, using local languages. A large chunk of citizens are barely educated.


Please sell the vision of a developed Nigeria to your brothers and sisters in all regions (north, south, east, west, etc.), and in all sectors including the civil service, business, military, and those labeled hoodlums, considering each group’s peculiar challenges.

“For the deprived, connect by meeting their basic needs. Stories work best in communication. If in the diaspora, describe how things work in all sectors where you live (owning a house, obtaining a drivers license, running a business, education, infrastructure, leadership, etc).

“Representative leadership that will not derail your cause will emerge more easily from your generation after you clarify your objectives and values. You must personally adopt and model these values. Your generation won’t deliver change without sacrificial leadership.


“The electoral reform bill is before the senate now. Do a quick review. Push for changes, if necessary, to ensure the rules work for you to participate in the political process. Push for it to be passed into law fast. You’re out of the game if you don’t influence the rules.

“Continue to demand for implementation of the 5for5. Your generation has a huge responsibility. If you crack the code for Nigeria’s development, you would have cracked the code for Africa, and for the dignity of the black race. I pray for God to help you. #EndSARS.”