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Obu blames restiveness on corruption, lust for power



Obu blames restiveness on corruption, lust for power

Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has sued for peace in the country, blaming the current restiveness on corruption and lust for power.

In a briefing yesterday, the BCS spokesman, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Edet Archibong, who spoke on behalf of Obu on the “Online Global Combined Service of the BCS,” said the future and lives of youths are of prime importance to God, saying rulers must not, for any reason, present themselves as objects of terror to the masses.

“The ongoing crises rocking Nigeria is a case in point. The agitation and the restiveness of the youth is not supposed to be, because the Nigerian nation is lavishly blessed with all it takes in spiritual, human and material resources, to be a global force but wanton greed, avarice, endemic corruption and lust for power and position have led to the mismanagement of the common wealth. The only solution left to the government now is to have a dialogue with the youths in various stages of the nation.

“It is thus my wish that the Federal Government and the states should endeavour to bring the children that are kept under their care to a roundtable and amicably look into the factors that have led to the prevalent protests that have caused the nation such irreplaceable loss of lives and loss of property.”

He said, “the people of Nigeria must rise above all tribal, religious, ethnic and political boundaries and live as one family ordained by God and assume their leadership role in God’s divine scheme of things in the world presently…”


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