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Broke? You Are The One To Blame!



Nigeria is hard, Nigeria is hard! This is the chant on most Nigerians’ lips as everyone tries to struggle in the clime of a non-smiling economy. Combine the lack of funds to the high cost of living in cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja; you have on your hands a ticking time bomb of frustrated citizens.

However, there are several ways you may be contributing to your own ‘brokeness’. From excessive clubbing/partying to spending on designers you cannot afford, below are some of the reasons you are broke and may remain in ‘Brooklyn city’ if you don’t do something about it.


A group of club goers washing their hands with expensive drinks | Photo – Club Joker

Partying And Clubbing

If you are one of those that doesn’t miss a Friday night out with the boys or a shopping spree with your girl squad, do you still need a soothsayer to explain why your finance is a mess?Saturdays are for owanmbes and as the slay king or queen that you are, you are at every aso ebi event, taking photos for the gram in your expensive outfits. Do you need a filter suggestion while you are at it?An outing now and then doesn’t hurt but before you buy that expensive bottle at the club or place an order for that aso ebi that is most likely your entire month’s salary, take a minute to think of all the others things you can do with the money instead. As for that aso ebi outing, you can survive without the souvenir that will be shared for those who bought ‘the uniform’!


Gambling | Photo Talk Business


With the recent rise in betting and gambling, you may have found yourself becoming an addict who spends heavily on bets with hopes to recuperate all that you have already lost. If you cannot hold money without thinking of betting, you already know the reason you are broke. Since you are constantly hailed as a ‘Bet King’ by your friends, do you sometimes wonder why you haven’t won that 10 million naira that you and about a million other Nigerians are dreaming about? Have you asked last week’s winner if he has collected his prize money?


Cut your coat according to your size and stop living the ‘fake classy life.’ You may not own the latest Benz (don’t even think of going the ‘logo Benz route’) but God endowed you with a ‘Leggedizbenz’ that can take you places. Ordering for a ride every time you have somewhere to go will only dig heavily into your pockets, so why not consider the option of regular buses?

30 Billion Gang

Davido 30 Billion Gang accessory | Photo – Facebook


Do you want a watch? Must it be a Rolex watch? Your shoes must be designers, Fendi or even Prada! Don’t forget the Gucci belt and what have you but aren’t you forgetting just a tiny but important detail? You are not a part of Davido’s 30 Billion Gang. Yes, that should be enough wake up call that you need to cut down on designers you can’t afford. Class is not bought and style is whatever you make of it so it is time to stop trying too hard to live like The Joneses.

Misplaced priorities

A major reason many of us go broke even when we shouldn’t be is that we haven’t been able to differentiate our needs from our wants. You are probably already thinking of the many things you have in your house that you either don’t need or have never used right now. Bills won’t pay themselves and you can rest assured that impulse buying won’t help you pay them either.


A scene from The Wedding Party film depicting a lavish Nigerian wedding | Photo – YouTube

Good Samaritan Syndrome

This is a roll call of billionaires and you need to find your name on the list, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet. Oh, you didn’t find your name, let’s come down home maybe you can find your name on here, Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Femi Otedola? Still can’t find your name, then you are most likely not a billionaire. You need to learn to say no to people when they ask you for financial aid that you can’t comfortably give. Saying no won’t kill you and it surely can help you save more. Stop giving money out your money carelessly as doing this would give people the impression that you are rich. Your complexion or attitude may be rich but always remember your pockets aren’t exactly smiling. Everyone is struggling and you should learn to save despite the things and people you are investing in.


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