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Ben Murray Bruce celebrates mother at 94



Ben Murray Bruce celebrates mother at 94

“A birth date is a reminder to celebrate life as well as to update the life,” said Amit Kalantri, an American scholar. His enduring words perfectly describes the mood of Senator Ben Murray Bruce during the week when he hit the social media to celebrate his aged mother, Madam Margaret Murray Bruce on the occasion of her 94th birthday. Celebrating his mother, the respected Chairman of Silverbird Communications shared adorable pictures of himself and his mother on his Twitter handle to mark the day.

Ben Bruce, in his remarks, noted that he became what he is today as a result of good upbringing and quality education given to him by his mother, adding that he looks forward to her 100 years birthday celebration. The senator had the cause to smile again, marking the milestone a few months after he lost his wife of 41 years, Evelyn to cancer.


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