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Reasons for Delayed Marriages For Christian Marriage is a mystery and no matter how long you are married, you can not have enough audacity to talk about it so accurately.

Any point you raise about marriage whether good or bad,there are always testimonies to prove it’s validity. The brothers are the ones who do the asking while the sisters do the positioning so it becomes more frustrating when the sister waits in the same position for a long time and the brother does not show forth.

The leading cause of late marriage is Unreasonable standards and expectations either from the guy, lady or both on financial status, levels of establishment, physical appearances or physic etc.

However, one of the most powerful secrets about marriage is that……..Dear singles, you really need to listen to this insightful message! Click on the below button to download the sermon now [35mb]:

Download Now: Challenging Discussions On Late Marriage by Apostle Joshua SELMAN 2

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