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Meet Mr. Sparks founder of inksnation



founder of inksnation

Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks Founder of Inksnation /UDI Inksnation DAO Foundation, has come out to state that Inksnation has solution to the financial problems being faced by Nigerians, including the trending issues of #endsars which he attributed to poverty being the root cause.

Humanity will always be staged against herself until she gives herself a brain. We let the want for money and the need for money steal our senses, coupled with a system that unconsciously makes money the king over humanity.

In a letter addressed to his followers shortly after the SEC and SIBAN issued warnings, the founder and CEO of iBSmartify, the Founder of Inksnation, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Sparks wrote:

“This is the result of the SIBAN guys and we have been waiting for it. Fear not members and watch how Elohim JahGah will convert this to all-round blessings. They have helped us to get the attention of the government which we have been waiting for and we are so so so grateful.” Elohim JahGah is the deity revered by Inksnation supporters.

Nevertheless, Omotade-Sparks, who also identifies himself as “Universal Daddy Inks (UDI)”, still assures followers that the warning by the SEC is just “a disclaimer.” He says its “the same way they said about bitcoin that whoever trades with bitcoin does so at his own risk. It shall surely end in praise.” Omotade-Sparks even sarcastically thanks SIBAN for “finally doing something that’s meaningful for once.”

So just how do the masterminds of Inksnation continue to sell the scam as well as maintaining the followership interested despite the negative public warnings?

Similar to other large scale scams, Inksnation relies on promising unrealistic returns on any investment whether small or big. Scammers are well aware of the powerful lure of earning a lifetime passive “salary.”

As explained on the Inksnation website, investors become eligible to receive a lifetime salary starting at $342 per month after subscribing for the bronze “living node.” The bronze living node package, which requires a deposit of $3 (1000 Naira), which is cheapest while the “diamond living node” requires an investment of $3,000 for one to be guaranteed a lifetime salary of $857..


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