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Mailafia Speaks On ‘Proof’ That A Governor Is Sponsoring Boko Haram



Mailafia Speaks On ‘Proof’ That A Governor Is Sponsoring Boko Haram

Former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Obadiah Mailafia has said he has no proof to back up his claim on Boko Haram sponsor.

The Department of State Services (DSS) had invited Mailafia in August over his claim that a governor from the north is the leader of Boko Haram.

Following his release from the custody of the DSS, Mailafia had noted that he doesnt mind dying for the country like Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, did for his country.

He however, in an interview later said that he got his information from some traders” in the market and did not know that his statement would go viral.

Speaking on Monday in Jos, Plateau state capital, after he was interrogated for a third time by the DSS, the former CBN governor said if he had his way, he would have put his words in a better language.

I had a routine appearance with the Department State Security, Plateau state command. I am very pleased that I was treated very professionally. There was no harassment or intimidation,” Mailafia said.

Over a month ago when I gave a radio interview, based on what I heard. If I had my way there are few things I would say differently, but I spoke on the spur of the moments, and I believed that it was a matter of greater urgency to make a wake-up call to what is happening.

He said he didnt  mean to accuse the government as been part of the killings, adding that he was only implying that they could do better because thousands of innocent people are dying

“But if I have my way I would have put it in better language, and I have no way of corroborating some of these things, I heard it and I could have follow them into their camps to confirm because I might not come back to tell the story, so that is the reality.

“I have indicated that I have reason to believe that my life has been in danger. I have no conclusive proof but I get threat, I get calls. Where I was staying, on Thursday, I saw some strange people at the gate trying to break in. I jumped the fence and escaped because I don’t know who they are.”

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