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Fox News' Chris Wallace: Trump's RNC speech was 'far too long' and 'surprisingly flat'



The reviews are in for President Trump’s Republican National Convention address, and Fox News’ Chris Wallace, for one, wasn’t overly impressed.

The Fox News anchor on Thursday gave a tough review to the president’s RNC speech, saying he was “surprised” by the “lack of fireworks” in it.

“First of all, it was far too long,” Wallace said of the speech, which ran 70 minutes.

Though Wallace went on to praise some of Trump’s “good lines” dinging Democratic nominee Joe Biden, he concluded that overall, it certainly wasn’t one of the president’s best.

“I thought the president, who we’ve seen really turn on a crowd, was surprisingly flat and didn’t seem to have the bite that he usually does have in his speeches,” Wallace said.

Wallace wasn’t the only one on Fox News who didn’t go crazy for the address, with analyst Brit Hume agreeing that it was too long and a bit “flat.”

“He’s done very good speeches from teleprompters before,” Hume said, per The Daily Beast. “But tonight he seemed to miss the excitement he generates in himself when he’s ad-libbing.”

This comes after Fox News hosts last week heaped praise onto Biden’s Democratic National Convention address, with Hume calling it “very good” and Wallace describing it as “enormously effective.”

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