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Fox News' Chris Wallace calls out co-hosts for defending armed vigilantes



Fox News’ Chris Wallace has a brief legal reminder about vigilante justice.

On Wednesday, a 17-year-old who appeared to be aligned with an armed vigilante group was arrested after allegedly shooting and killing two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Tuesday night. Several Fox News contributors and hosts discussed the situation in Kenosha on Thursday, with Katie Pavlich saying “on the topic of vigilante justice, when you have no police around … then there is a void that is filled.”

Pavlich’s comments spurred Wallace to “push back” against the “implication vigilante justice was understandable or justified by the lack of sufficient police action.” But Pavlich and the other hosts tried to talk over Wallace and insist he hadn’t heard what was just said. “Just as it’s fair to say that rioting and looting is a completely inappropriate response to George Floyd or Jacob Blake, vigilante justice is a completely inappropriate response to the rioting on the street,” Wallace eventually said, forcefully reminding them “vigilante justice is a crime.”

Protests have gone on for days in Kenosha since police shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, with peaceful daytime demonstrations turning violent at night. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is among conservatives defending the alleged killer.

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